Material Parameter Identification for Acoustic Simulation of Additively Manufactured Structures

Rothe, Sebastian ORCID; Blech, Christopher ORCID; Watschke, Hagen ORCID; Vietor, Thomas ORCID; Langer, Sabine C. ORCID

One possibility in order to manufacture products with very few restrictions in design freedom is additive manufacturing. For advanced acoustic design measures like Acoustic Black Holes (ABH), the layer-wise material deposition allows the continuous alignment of the mechanical impedance by different filling patterns and degrees of filling. In order to explore the full design potential, mechanical models are indispensable. In dependency on process parameters, the resulting homogenized material parameters vary. In previous investigations, especially for ABH structures, a dependency of the material parameters on the structure's thickness can be observed. In this contribution, beams of different thicknesses are investigated experimentally and numerically in order to identify the material parameters in dependency on the frequency and the thickness. The focused material is polyactic acid (PLA). A parameter fitting is conducted by use of a 3D finite element model and it's reduced version in a Krylov subspace. The results yield homogenized material parameters for the PLA stack as a function of frequency and thickness. An increasing Young's modulus with increasing frequency and increasing thickness is observed. This observed effect has considerable influence and has not been considered so far. With the received parameters, more reliable results can be obtained.


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