BER green roof Eddy-Covariance data

Konopka, Jan ORCID; Heusinger, Jannik; Weber, Stephan

Knowledge about the annual and seasonal variation of green roof carbon uptake due to variation in ambient meteorological conditions and water availability remains scarce. That is why we studied the annual variation of net ecosystem exchange (NEE, i.e. the difference between ecosystem respiration (Reco) and gross primary production (GPP), i.e. CO2 assimilation) for the observation period from September 2014 until August 2019 by eddy-covariance measurements on a green roof at the Berlin Brandenburg airport (BER). A year was defined from September until August of the following year. We found a mean annual uptake of -141.1 and an average uncertainty of ±15.5 g C m-2 y-1. In each annual balance of the NEE the roof had higher carbon uptake than emissions despite dry conditions. Main drivers for the NEE variation are the difference in the number of dry days per year and soil moisture. C uptake might be constrained due to higher number of dry periods in future climate.

This dataset provides the presented data in the corresponding research article. Halfhour and daily data are available.

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