Parameter study and experimental analysis of a thermo-mechanical de-icing concept

Tamer, Ozan ORCID; Kyriazis, Alexander ORCID; Sinapius, Michael ORCID

The removal of ice accumulation on aerodynamic surfaces is a common challenge not only in aviation but also for stationary installations on the ground such as wind turbines. The aim of this paper is to investigate a novel concept for a thermo-mechanical de-icing system based on shape memory alloys. To understand the functional principle in detail, a functional sample is designed, fabricated and experimentally investigated. With a systematic design approach using a morphological box, an optimal configuration is sought and evaluated that harmonizes all relevant functions in the sense of maximum functional conformity. One selected concept forms the basis for the simulation model, which is used to investigate the influence of different parameters on the thermo-mechanical behavior of the functional sample. The results of the parameter study are used to produce a functional sample for investigating the de-icing ability. The experiments on the functional sample serve to validate and improve the simulation model. The comparison of the measurement data with the model prediction shows a good correlation between measurement and prediction with reasonable deviations. The findings on the test methodology, the manufacturing technology and the system behavior allow the further development of the de-icing concept in subsequent steps.


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Tamer, O., Kyriazis, A., Sinapius, M., 2020. Parameter study and experimental analysis of a thermo-mechanical de-icing concept.
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