A Novel Topology Optimization Approach for Flow Power Loss Minimization Across Fin Arrays

Ghasemi, Ali ORCID; Elham, Ali GND

Fin arrays are widely utilized in many engineering applications, such as heat exchangers and micro-post reactors, for higher level of fluid–solid contacts. However, high fluid pressure loss is reportedly the major drawback of fin arrays and a challenge for pumping supply, particularly at micro-scales. Previous studies also indicate that fin shapes, spacing and alignment play an important role on the overall pressure losses. Therefore, we present a numerical tool to minimize pressure losses, considering the geometrical aspects related to fin arrays. In this regard, a density-based topology optimization approach is developed based on the pseudo-spectral scheme and Brinkman penalization in 2D periodic domains. Discrete sensitives are derived analytically and computed at relatively low cost using a factorization technique. We study different test cases to demonstrate the flexibility, robustness and accuracy of the present tool. In-line and staggered arrays are considered at various Reynolds numbers and fluid–solid volume fractions. The optimal topologies interestingly indicate a pressure loss reduction of nearly compared to circular fins. In passive optimization test examples, the added solid parts reduced pressure loss of a circular fin ( ) by eliminating the flow separation and filling the wake region.


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Ghasemi, A.M., Elham, A., 2020. A Novel Topology Optimization Approach for Flow Power Loss Minimization Across Fin Arrays.
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