2D numerical simulation of meander morphology

Banda, Mohd. Sarfaraz; Niewerth, Stephan; Aberle, Jochen ORCID

This paper describes the application of the two-dimensional (2D) modelling approach implemented in the open-source code Delft3D for the simulation of morphological development of a natural meandering river. A specific reach of the Dhaleshwari River Bangladesh) for which field data has been available served as case study. The bed morphology and meander planform adjustment in the study area were simulated over a 10-year period considering a time-varying discharge scenario. The results showed that the 2D model was able to reproduce morphological characteristics such as scour depth, bank erosion and pool-riffle morphology, even though the model showed some deficiencies to reproduce bankfull channel width and transverse bed slopes. Regarding the planimetric evolution, the planform parameters (i.e., meander belt width, meander wavelength and radius of curvature) confirmed that the model results are realistic and are in agreement with results reported in the literature.


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Banda, Mohd.S., Niewerth, S., Aberle, J., 2018. 2D numerical simulation of meander morphology.
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