Ligands for M-NHC Synthesis : Continuous Flow Di-N-Alkylation of 1H-Benzimidazole in a fixed Bed Reactor

Sauk, Tobias; Heiduk, Caroline; Henke, L.; Xiao, C.; Scholl, Stephan GND

The successful transfer from batch to a continuous flow process in a fixed bed reactor of a ligand in metalorganic API synthesis, the diazolium salt 1,3-methyl-benzoimidazol-3-ium iodide, is presented. Results show similar yields and conversion rates at corresponding process parameters in batch and continuous mode. By exceeding temperature limitation of a non-pressurized batch process, the pressurized continuous reactor system shows the potential for outperforming the batch synthesis regarding space time yield. Hence, process intensification by continuous flow presents itself as a viable approach for the heterogeneous di-N-alkylation of diazoles. Alternative basic reagents and solvents further enhance the viability of a continuous approach by addressing limitations such as side reactions and solubility of the reagent.


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Sauk, T., Heiduk, C., Henke, L., Xiao, C., Scholl, S., 2020. Ligands for M-NHC Synthesis: Continuous Flow Di-N-Alkylation of 1H-Benzimidazole in a fixed Bed Reactor. SPhERe Proceedings.
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