Train Slots : a Proposal for Open Access Railways

Scheidt, Martin ORCID

This paper seeks a concept to include fixed-interval paths with manageable train slots to satisfy the flexible needs of freight traffic in a strict fixed-interval passenger timetable. The primary method is constituted by literature review and theoretical slot construction. The terms timetable and railway operation are specified and illustrated. Different levels of timetables will be discussed and further developed. Two concepts, slots and pulses, are described together with precondition and modelling to accomplish a mixed timetable level for flexible freight traffic and fixed passenger traffic. Finally, a comparison of the timetable levels with the rail freight corridor Rhine-Alpine is presented. In conclusion, three points for further research are made, and an experiment is suggested to validate the result in the future.


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Scheidt, Martin: Train Slots. a Proposal for Open Access Railways. Linköping 2019. Linköping University Electronic Press.

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