Measurements in a Real Data Centre at 300 GHz and Recent Results

Eckhardt, Johannes M.; Doeker, Tobias; Rey, Sebastian; Kürner, Thomas ORCID

In this paper a measurement campaign in a real Data Centre at 300 GHz and recent results are presented. The measurements are performed with a UWB sub-mmWave channel sounder and classified in general characterisation, top-ofrack and intra-rack measurements. The individual measurement setups as well as the methodology are explained. In a first step, the measurements are evaluated regarding the path attenuation, the power delay profile (PDP) and the power angular spectrum (PAS). The PDP as well as the PAS give comprehensible results, which are explained by the scenario’s geometry. The path attenuation shows reasonable results compared to the free space path loss and demonstrates that wireless communication at 300 GHz in a Data Centre is possible.


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Eckhardt, Johannes / Doeker, Tobias / Rey, Sebastian / et al: Measurements in a Real Data Centre at 300 GHz and Recent Results. Braunschweig 2019.

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