Understanding and Prediction of Ultra-Wide Band Channel Impulse Response Measurements

Matthews, Benjamin; Schmidt, Sven Ole; Hellbrück, Horst

Recently, ultra-wide band transceiver systems have provided data transfer, timestamps and channel impulse response measurements to the user. The interpretation of the timestamps and the channel impulse response, however, is difficult and not intuitive. In simple scenarios, line of sight and non-line of sight pulses can be distinguished easily, which simplifies the reconstruction. For more complex scenarios, the interpretation remains difficult and is still an unsolved problem. In this paper, we investigate the channel impulse response measurements of the DecaWave DW1000 ultra-wide band transceiver and model the expected results for simple scenarios based on information provided from the transceiver data sheet. We will show that we are able to predict the measurement results of the transceiver with acceptable accuracy by applying the model above in experiments.


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Matthews, Benjamin / Schmidt, Sven / Hellbrück, Horst: Understanding and Prediction of Ultra-Wide Band Channel Impulse Response Measurements. Braunschweig 2019.

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