Navigation in a library using smartphones

Stoeck, Janek; Sternberg, Harald

In these times, when everyone wants to do as much work as possible in the least amount of time, it is important to make the workflow as efficient as possible. Spending an unnecessary amount of time looking for things is therefore contra productive. Using the library HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) as an example, this paper shows how the time required to find a book can be reduced by introducing an indoor navigation system for that purpose. Acceleration sensors are used to realize a step counter. In combination with gyroscope data a dead reckoning can be carried out. The height information is derived of barometric measurements. For additional support, routing graphs are used to constrain the walking direction. With this setup and the additional topological we achieve deviations between last estimated to wanted position less than two meters.


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Stoeck, J., Sternberg, H., 2019. Navigation in a library using smartphones. Proceedings of the 4th KuVS/GI Expert Talk on Localization.
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