A Practical Toolbox for Getting Started with mmWave FMCW Radar Sensors

Constapel, Manfred; Cimdins, Marco; Hellbrück, Horst

In this paper, we sum up our experience gathered working with mmWave FMCW radar sensors for localization problems. We give a glimpse of the foundations of radar that is necessary to understand the benefit and advantages of this technology. Moreover, we introduce our open-source software toolbox pymmw based on Python for Texas Instruments IWR1443 ES2.0 EVM sensors to provide students and researchers easy access to those radar sensors. In doing so, one can jump right into sensing with mmWave FMCW radar from a practical point of view and start doing experiments and developing own applications. Finally, pymmw is used for data acquisition of a scene illuminated by three virtual radars in three different states of occupancy showing the potential of mmWave FMCW radar for indoor and distance-based localization applications.


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Constapel, Manfred / Cimdins, Marco / Hellbrück, Horst: A Practical Toolbox for Getting Started with mmWave FMCW Radar Sensors. Braunschweig 2019.

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