Channel Models for the Simulation of Different RATs Applied to Platoon Emergency Braking

Nan, Tianxiang; Jornod, Guillaume; Schweins, Michael; El Assaad, Ahmad; Kwoczek, Andreas; Kürner, Thomas ORCID

We analyze the performance of different channel models and Radio Access Technologies (RATs) for platoon emergency braking in a highway scenario. We present a ray tracing channel model and analyze its differences with the WINNER+ stochastic channel model in terms of the pathloss calculation. Thanks to the consideration of obstacles and their reflections, the ray tracing channel model has been shown to be more realistic in near Tx-Rx distance. This corroborates the results of our performance comparison which highlights larger differences in close Tx-Rx pairs. Considering the simulation time consumption and the more realistic ray tracing predictions, we propose a new models usage for our simulations: a combination of WINNER+ and ray tracing channel models. Moreover, we implement one new 5G numerology on the basis of Long Term Evolution-Vehicles (LTE-V) for Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications. We include this new feature in our benchmarking setup and provide performance analysis results. It provides a basis for our future research of further 5G components.


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