Local structure determination in helimagnetic Co8Zn8+y Mn4−yx Fex

Menzel, D. ORCID; Baabe, D. ORCID; Litterst, F. J. ORCID; Steinki, N. ORCID; Dietze, K. ORCID; Sach, M. ORCID; Rubrecht, B. ORCID; Süllow, S. ORCID; Hoser, A. ORCID

We have carried out a structural and magnetic characterization of Co8Zn8+y Mn4−yx Fex by means of bulk techniques, powder neutron scattering and Mössbauer spectroscopy. From our data, we derive the main magnetic parameters and carry out a detailed structural characterization.Weobserve that disorder is present in our samples in various forms and that this seems to be generic for this class of materials. However, the disorder appears to have little impact on the character of the magnetic phases, and thus seems to be of no relevance for the skyrmionic phases established for these types of materials.


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Menzel, D / Baabe, D / Litterst, FJ / et al: Local structure determination in helimagnetic Co8Zn8+y Mn4−y−x Fex. 2019. IOP Publishing.

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