Photonically synchronized large aperture radar for autonomous driving.

Preussler, Stefan; Schwartau, Fabian; Schoebel, Joerg; Schneider, Thomas ORCID

Fully autonomous driving, even under bad weather conditions, can be enabled by the use of multiple sensor systems including 5D radar imaging. In order to get three dimensional, high resolution images with Doppler and time tracking of the target, the radar needs to utilize a large number of transmit/receive modules. For proper beam forming, all of them demand synchronization. Here a new concept for the optical distribution of radar signals, comprising low complexity integrated transmitter and receiver chips and a complex central station, will be introduced. Unavoidable temperature drifts due to environmental influences were compensated to maintain a continuous electrical output power. Within a proof-of-concept radar experiment an angular resolution of 1.1° has been achieved.


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Preussler, Stefan / Schwartau, Fabian / Schoebel, Joerg / et al: Photonically synchronized large aperture radar for autonomous driving.. 2019. OSA Publishing.

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