Multiphysics Modeling for Detailed Analysis of Multi-Layer Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells

Lin, Nan ORCID; Röder, Fridolin GND; Krewer, Ulrike ORCID

Multiphysics modeling permits a detailed investigation of complex physical interactions and heterogeneous performance in multiple electro-active layers of a large-format Li-ion cell. For this purpose, a novel 3D multiphysics model with high computational efficiency was developed to investigate detailed multiphysics heterogeneity in different layers of a large-format pouch cell at various discharge rates. This model has spatial distribution and temporal evolution of local electric current density, solid lithium concentration and temperature distributions in different electro-active layers, based on a real pouch cell geometry. Other than previous models, we resolve the discharge processes at various discharge C-rates, analyzing internal inhomogeneity based on multiple electro-active layers of a large-format pouch cell. The results reveal that the strong inhomogeneity in multiple layers at a high C-rate is caused by the large heat generation and poor heat dissipation in the direction through the cell thickness. The thermal inhomogeneity also strongly interacts with the local electrochemical and electric performance in the investigated cell.


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