Die Flora von episodischen Fließgewässern auf Fuerteventura

Fritzsch, Katrin; Brandes, Dietmar GND

Fuerteventura was chosen for the evaluation of episodic streams as corridors and important habitats in arid regions. 32 episodic streams were investigated using a standardised random sampling. Completeness was sought by taking into account all further species of the respective waterway in addition to the flora of 179 standardized plots. In a whole 346 species were found. This means that 45,6% of the species pool of Fuerteventura was found only in 3 % of its area. This documents the big importance of episodic streams with respect to the conservation of the biodiversity especially in the infracanarian belt. Our data sets allow also to elaborate the floristic similarities between the individual streams, the differences between their upper and lower course as well as between parts within villages and parts outside villages.


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Fritzsch, K., Brandes, D., 2018. Die Flora von episodischen Fließgewässern auf Fuerteventura.
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