Anchor Pair Selection in Unilateral TDoA Localization Topologies

Zandian, Reza; Witkowski, Ulf GND

This paper addresses the pair selection problem of the unilateral time difference of arrival (TDoA) localization method. Two common concepts of pair selection are star form which uses a unique reference node for pairing all nodes and the chain form which links each node to its next available node. The problem of the star form is the possibility of occurring non-line of sight (NLOS) conditions between some anchors. The chain form has an issue with increasing variance of the noise as the number of anchors increases. A new hybrid form is proposed which avoids NLOS conditions and at the same time pertains the amount of noise at its minimum possible. Practical results confirm the superior performance of the proposed approach.


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Zandian, Reza / Witkowski, Ulf: Anchor Pair Selection in Unilateral TDoA Localization Topologies. Braunschweig 2018.

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