Towards Comprehensive Threat Modeling for Vehicles

Hamad, Mohammad; Nolte, Marcus; Prevelakis, Vassilis

Over the past few years, significant developments were introduced within the vehicular domain. The modern vehicle becomes a network of dozens of embedded systems which collaborate together. While these improvements have increased the efficiency of the vehicle, they have introduced new potential risks. Threat modeling has gained a central role to identifying the threats that affect different subsystems inside the vehicle. In most cases, threat modeling was implemented either for one subsystem or based on a specific perspective such as the external threat surfaces only. In this work, we tried to revise the existing threat modeling efforts in the vehicular domain. We reassembled them and extracted their main characteristics to build a comprehensive threat model. This general model could be used to identify the different threats against the vehicular domain. Furthermore, reusable attack trees could be derived from this general model.


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