Fourier-based solving approach for the transport-of-intensity equation with reduced restrictions

Mehrabkhani, Soheil GND; Wefelnberg, Lennart GND; Schneider, Thomas ORCID

The transport-of-intensity equation (TIE) has been proven as a standard approach for phase retrieval. Some high efficiency solving methods for the TIE, extensively used in many works, is based on a Fourier transform (FT). However, several assumptions have to be made to solve the TIE by these methods. A common assumption is that there are no zero values for the intensity distribution allowed. The two most widespread Fourier-based approaches have further restrictions. One of these requires the uniformity of the intensity distribution and the other assumes the parallelism of the intensity and phase gradients. In this paper, we present an approach, which does not need any of these assumptions and consequently extends the application domain of the TIE.



Mehrabkhani, Soheil / Wefelnberg, Lennart / Schneider, Thomas: Fourier-based solving approach for the transport-of-intensity equation with reduced restrictions. Braunschweig 2018.


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