Towards model-based integration of component-based automotive software systems

Schlatow, Johannes GND; Möstl, Mischa GND; Ernst, Rolf GND; Nolte, Marcus; Jatzkowski, Inga; Maurer, Markus GND

The increasing complexity of automotive software systems and the desire for more frequent software and even feature updates require new approaches to the design, integration and testing of these systems. Ideally, those approaches enable an in-field updatability of automotive software systems that provides the same degree of safety guarantees as the traditionally labbased deployment. In this paper, we present a layered modelling approach that formalises the integration procedure of automotive software systems using graph-based models and formal analyses.


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Schlatow, J., Moestl, M., Ernst, R., Nolte, M., Jatzkowski, I., Maurer, M., 2017. Towards model-based integration of component-based automotive software systems.
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