Response Time Analysis for Sporadic Server based Budget Scheduling in Real Time Virtualization Environments

Beckert, Matthias; Ernst, Rolf GND

Virtualization techniques for embedded real-time systems typically employ TDMA scheduling to achieve temporal isolation among different virtualized applications. Recent work already introduced sporadic server based solutions relying on budgets instead of a fixed TDMA schedule. While providing better average-case response times for IRQs and tasks, a formal response time analysis for the worst-case is still missing. In order to confirm the advantage of a sporadic server based budget scheduling, this paper provides a worst-case response time analysis. To improve the sporadic server based budget scheduling even more, we provide a background scheduling implementation which will also be covered by the formal analysis. We show correctness of the analysis approach and compare it against TDMA based systems. In addition to that, we provide response time measurements from a working hypervisor implementation on an ARM based development board.


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