Facilitating Inter-Domain Synergies in Ambient Assisted Living Environments

Schwartze, Jonas GND; Schrom, Harald GND; Wolf, Klaus-Hendrik; Marschollek, Michael GND

Current Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) environments lack integration of sensors and actuators of other sub-domains. Creating technical and organizational integration is addressed by the BASIS project (Build Automation by a Scalable and Intelligent System), which aims to build a cross-domain home bus system. The main objective of this paper is to present an overview of design, architecture and state of realization of BASIS by describing the requirements development process, underlying hardware design and software architecture. We built a distributed system of one independent building manager with several redundantly meshed segment controllers, each controlling a bus segment with any number of bus nodes. The software system layer is divided into logical partitions representing each sub-domain. Structured data storage is possible with a special FHIR based home centered data warehouse. The system has been implemented in six apartments running under daily living conditions. BASIS integrates a broad range of sub-domains, which poses challenges to all project partners in terms of a common terminology, and project management methods, but enables development of inter-domain synergies like using the same sensor and actuator hardware for a broad range of services and use cases.


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Schwartze, J., Schrom, H., Wolf, K.-H., Marschollek, M., 2016. Facilitating Inter-Domain Synergies in Ambient Assisted Living Environments.
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