Multi-criteria analysis of multi-material lightweight components on a conceptual level of detail

Fröhlich, Tim GND; Kleemann, Sebastian GND; Türck, Eiko GND; Vietor, Thomas GND

Multi-material design offers higher degrees of freedom in designing a component due to different design options and material combinations. However, both cause a more complex component design. In addition many development goals - such as weight, costs and environmental impact - and outer conditions - such as restricted installation spaces - have already to be considered in the early stage of development. Otherwise the most suitable design option might not be considered and concepts are no longer pursued after design in detail since they did not fit the requirements from the beginning. As a result, the designer needs assistance in analysing different design options to find those that are able to fulfil the development goals best possible within an appropriate effort. A suitable approach to solve this issue is to represent the considered component by an abstract definition and calculate the component's properties analytically inside an automated tool. Thus the general behaviour of a design option and specific variations can be evaluated by the designer. Consequently components can be designed more purposeful considering a big solution space and a variety of development goals.


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