A Semi-Formal Approach to Structure and Access Knowledge for Multi-Material-Design

In recent years multi-material-design has been of broad interest. There has been a great deal of literature on how multi-material-design has support realisation of lighter, cheaper products with lower impact to the environment. However, there has been no general approach to name the essential potentials of multimaterial- design as a first guideline to support suitable use of the technologies. On the basis of an extensive literature survey, this paper proposes a method to systematically derive these potentials. Moreover, we found that these potentials, such as "reducing weight", "improving mechanical performance" or "easing manufacture and assembly" can serve to structure the design knowledge required for multi-material-design. Therefore, we propose a model to link the specific potentials to measures and guidelines to support decision-making and knowledge application. This structuring may lead to finding suitable design guidelines for specific development goals more quickly. This could accelerate product development and make the benefits of multi-material-design more transparent, which will promote the dissemination of multi-material-design in industry.


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