Investigating Technology Acceptance of Mobile Payment in Germany and the USA

Wiegard, Rouven-Benjamin; Guhr, Nadine GND; Loi, Tai; Breitner, Michael H. GND

In today`s mobile world there is a high potential for M(obile)-payment services, but the mere existence of such services does not mean market readiness. Added values of M-payment are necessary to attract new users. The aim of this work is to investigate whether M-payment is or can be accepted by the consumers. We will determine the technology acceptance of consumers, face to face with the M-payment for Germany and the USA. For this purpose, we will carry out a technology acceptance analysis using a structural equation modeling technique. The constructs of the research model arise from the findings of an explorative study and a literature review. The results of an extended technology acceptance model (TAM) based evaluation shows, that user acceptance of M-payment, especially the influence of the constructs, perceived ease of use and willingness-to-pay differ to the intention to use.



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Wiegard, R.-B., Guhr, N., Loi, T., Breitner, M.H., 2012. Investigating Technology Acceptance of Mobile Payment in Germany and the USA. Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik 2012 : Tagungsband der MKWI 2012.
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