Die Inschriften der Stadt Braunschweig bis zum Jahre 1650

Jesse, Wilhelm GND

The research-work caused by the "Brunswick Scientific Society" bearing the title of "The Inscriptions in the Town of Brunswick up to 1650" is only a part of a great enterprise carried on in all German countries by Scientific societies and academies. It is intended to find out and to publish all inscriptions on buildings, tombstones, epitaphs, bells, and on movable objects of ecclesiastical and profane use etc. Up to this date there have been collected inscriptions on houses, on ecclesiastical objects and on objects In Brunswick museums; altogether 1650 items registered in a card-index. There may be a total of more than 2000 inscriptions. One richly illustrated volume containing inscriptions of the Main- and Tauber-district published 1942, may be considered as sample of the complete work.


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Jesse, Wilhelm: Die Inschriften der Stadt Braunschweig bis zum Jahre 1650. Braunschweig 1949. Vieweg.

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