Implicit Object Space Partitioning: The No-Memory BVH

Eisemann, Martin; Bauszat, Pablo; Magnor, Marcus GND

We present a new ray tracing algorithm that requires no explicit acceleration data structure and therefore no memory. It is represented in a completely implicit way by triangle reordering. This new implicit data structure is simple to build, efficient to traverse and has a fast total time to image. The implicit acceleration data structure must be constructed only once and can be reused for arbitrary numbers of rays or ray batches without the need to rebuild the hierarchy. Due to the fast build times it is very well suitable for dynamic and animated scenes. We compare it to classic acceleration data structures, like a Bounding Volume Hierarchy, and analyze its effciency.


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Eisemann, Martin / Bauszat, Pablo / Magnor, Marcus: Implicit Object Space Partitioning: The No-Memory BVH. Braunschweig 2011. Institut für Computergraphik.

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