Generalized Session Models for Wireless Cellular Networks : Communication Networks

Hartmann, Harro Lothar

This contribution deploys generalized basic relations of session models, which remain completely independent of the possible underlying technologies. First, a renewal session trajectory model is proposed and yields a mean value theorem. This confirms that the mean number of handoffs remains insensitive with respect to the density distributions of the participating residence and session times with vanishing forced terminations. In contrast to rather complicated and pure transform domain solutions of the past a hybrid original-transform-domain approach is proposed. This keeps the relations physically transparent and facilitates the consideration of handoff blockings and forced terminations. Second, a further theorem based on an appropriate inversion of the transform domain densities shows that the state probabilities of handoffs may be expressed in an explicit symbolic form if generic Gamma distributed session and residence time durations are assumed. Third, an estimated mean Diameter protocol rate for generally distributed session and residence times including forced terminations proves to be given in an explicit form too. Finally, keying moments and complementary distribution functions of generalized handoff process are symbolically derived and enumerated.


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