Reliable Performance Analysis of a Multicore Multithreaded System-On-Chip (with Appendix)

Schliecker, Simon; Negrean, Mircea; Ernst, Rolf GND

Formal performance analysis is now regularly applied in the design of distributed embedded systems such as automotive electronics, where it greatly contributes to an improved predictability and platform robustness of complex networked systems. Even though it might be highly beneficial also in MpSoC design, formal performance analysis could not easily be applied so far, because the classical task communication model does not cover processor-memory traffic, which is an integral part of MpSoC timing. Introducing memory accesses as individual transactions under the classical model has shown to be inefficient, and previous approaches work well only under strict orthogonalization of different traffic streams. Recent research has presented extensions of the classical task model and a corresponding analysis that covers performance implications of shared memory traffic. In this paper we present a multithreaded multiprocessors platform and multimedia application. We conduct performance analysis using the new analysis options and specifically benchmark the quality of the available approach. Our experiments show that corner case coverage can now be supplied with a very high accuracy, allowing to quickly investigate architectural alternatives.


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