Die Vegetation des Ösels (Kreis Wolfenbüttel)

Janßen, Christiane GND; Brandes, Dietmar GND

The Ösel is one of the limestone ridges at the northwestern border of the middle German dry region with a rich occurrence of rare and endangered species. The distribution centres of these species are often located in Continental or submediterranean areas. The most characteristic plant-communities are the limestone grasslands, which show a moderate Continental influence and can be clearly distinguished from the calcareous grasslands of the Mittelleine-Innerste-region showing Atlantic influence. According to the synoptic table of limestone grasslands in various regions the grassland of the Ösel has to be classified as a poorly developed Bupleuro-Brachypo-dietum, whose distribution centre is eastern Central Europe. The description includes the thermophilic skirt communities of the Trifolion medii- and Geranion sanguinei-alliance and the shrub communities, mainly of the Berberidion-alliance, which grow adjacent to the limestone grassland, as well as the Vegetation growing on pathways, the fragmentary communities along the field-paths and the ruderal Vegetation. Among the latter the Bunias orientalis-community is particularly remarkable. Aspects of nature conservation are discussed.


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