Analytical Capacity Management with Blocking Times

Pachl, Jörn GND; White, Thomas

Analytical capacity research is an important infrastructure and operations planning tool that can be used alone or in conjunction with simulation. The blocking time theory is a new approach in analytical capacity research. The blocking time is the total elapsed time a section of track is exclusively allocated to a train and therefore blocked for other trains. Calculating blocking times and producing blocking time diagrams leads to a very detailed evaluation of the capacity and exploitation of a railroad line. It also shows very clearly how the capacity depends upon the signaling system. Beside capacity research, blocking time analysis is also a great tool to support computer-based scheduling. Although originally developed for European railroads, blocking time analysis has now found first applications in North American railroad industry.


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Pachl, Jörn / White, Thomas: Analytical Capacity Management with Blocking Times. Braunschweig 2004.

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