APOM-project: a pilot study of pharmacy organization and management

Mobach, Mark P. GND; Werf, Jos J. van der GND; Tromp, T.F.J. GND

Recently, in a joint cooperation of Stichting VNA, SAL Apotheken, the Faculty of Management and Organization, and the University Centre for Pharmacy, University of Groningen in the Netherlands, a Ph.D-study started regarding Apot(he)ek, Organization and Management (APOM). The APOM-project deals with the structuring and steering of pharmacy organization. The manageability of the internal pharmacy organization, and the manageability of the direct environment of pharmacy organization is the subject matter. The theoretical background of the APOM-project is described. A literature study was made to find mixes of objectives. Three mixes of objectives in pharmacy organization are postulated; the product mix, the process mix, and the customer mix. The typology will be used as a basic starting point for the empirical study in the next phase of the APOM-project.


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Mobach, M.P., van der Werf, J.J., Tromp, T.F.J., 1997. APOM-project: a pilot study of pharmacy organization and management. SOM Research Institute, University of Groningen, Groningen.
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