Die Ruderalflora der Kleinstadt Lüchow (Niedersachsen)

Brandes, Dietmar GND

The ruderal flora and ruderal Vegetation of the small city Lüchow (Lower Saxony, Germany) have been investigated. The actual ruderal flora contains some 300 species, 107 of which are adventive plants (53 archaeophytes, 41 naturalized neophytes, and 13 inconstant running wild neophytes). The diversity of the ruderal flora is the highest at the old city border (railway Station, dumps, and fallow gardens). The number of species and of communities is discussed in respect to the size of towns. The equipement of important habitats with ruderal Vegetation is pointed out, significant ruderal plant communities are documented by plant sociological releves.




Brandes, Dietmar: Die Ruderalflora der Kleinstadt Lüchow (Niedersachsen). Braunschweig . Institut für Botanik.


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