Vegetation der Straßenränder Korfus

Brandes, Dietmar GND

Roadsides are the most important linear structures of the isle of Korfu. They show high a- and ß-diversity, due to very different habitats. At dry and sunny locations Brometalia rubenti-tectori/-Carthametalia lanati communities are developped. They are characterized by numerous thistles and thistle-like plants. The most common plant community at low elevation is the Verbascum pulverulentum - Echium plantagineum community, scattered sometimes by small isles of the Hordeo-Onopordetum illyrici. The roadsides of the Pantokrator massif above 400 m are bordered by Verbascum macrurum-Tyrimnus leucographus community. Inulo-Oryzopsidetum miliaceae and Sambucetum ebuli are furthermore plant communities on roadsides. On shaded roadsides Urtico-Scrophularietalia stands are to be found, especially the Melissa officinalis-Parietaria judaica community. The Vegetation of ditches as well as the accompanying scrub vegetation are documented by releves. In the course of road constructions rocks were blown up and many retaining walls were built, the vegetation of their fissures is described too.




Brandes, Dietmar: Vegetation der Straßenränder Korfus. Braunschweig . Institut für Botanik.


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